Kirsten Power Biography

An American columnist, pundit and a political commentator Kirsten Powers was born on 1969 in Fairbank, Alaska. She is the daughter of archeologist, father was a former member of the NRA and brother working as a teacher.

It was Power’s parents who raised her to make Episcopalian, however she became atheist. She graduated from Maryland University and later joined Georgetown University Law School for one and half year.

In the starting phase of her career she worked as a operative of a Democratic Party in the year 1992 and was appointed as Deputy Assistant U.S Trade Representative for Public Affairs in the Clinton administration where she associated  till  1998.

She also served as a Vice President for International Communication at American Online and press secretary in New york State Democratic Committee.

She was actively involved in consulting several organization like non-profit, Human Rights and national council for research in women (NCRW).

Powers gave  equal emphasis and supported  for the equal rights for  gay people (in same sex marriage) and immigration reform in providing citizenship for immigrants who are livingillegally.

She was against the Iraq war and death penalty. Currently she is associated with Fox news channel as a political analyst. Powers believes that every country should be free from outside influence in choosing the government and rights must not be invaded.

Apart from her profession she has a hobby of listening  music and watching movies. In one of the interview she says some of  her favorite songs sang by different artist. 

Powers is over six feet tall, with perfect figure, amazing legs,and filled with beauty. She has large number of fans talking about her pretty face and line of profession. Every person gets surprise seeing her in a this profession.

It was a decade ago when there were a romors about her affairs with Anthony Weiner, who was a former congressman. It was said that they both were dating and  marrying soon.

However there is no evidence about what happened in their relation as their relation didn’t last that long.

But in 2010 Powers married with professor of Public Health (in Hopkins university)Marty Makary.

Now the couple have been married for few years and their relation seems stronger and yet no signs of divorce even though there were lots of rumors about their divorce before.

Power husband is a Coptic Egyptian so she has some concern in Egypt for Islamists. The couple don’t have any children at the moment.

Powers has written many articles, which were published in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Observer,Salon. Some of her popular articles are Justice Shall Be Executed, God’sArmy,The Cost of Crying Wolf, Keep Talking Democrats,and several other.

Powers popularity is ever growing along with her fans. Her fans are following her in different  social networking  sites.